Thursday, November 20, 2008

we painted our bedroom

For some reason I have been making the decorating of our bedroom a hard project but last weekend I think I had a break-through and had some creativity. We painted our walls Martha Stewart Cornmeal. It is a warm yellow and it really helped make the room feel cozy.

I am playing around with different ideas for bedding. The first picture has a bluish comforter cover and the second one is white.

I have 2 vintage paint by numbers to put on the wall and a monogram W to go over the bed.

I originally thought I might paint the headboard a teal blue. Any comments or ideas are welcome.

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jenniferparkcox said...

I like the floral linens the best. I can't decide on the teal or black headboard. It is hard to decide. Have you asked your family what they think? Since they are in the room and see better than a picture?

Deb said...

Hi Debbie
I love the first picture - the bedding looks like Cath Kidston and I think it looks wonderful with the black headboard :-) It has such a beautiful vintage look & paint by numbers will be perfect on the wall over the bed.

Sassy said...

That is the perfect color of yellow for my kitchen..I am going to have to remember that! Fun blog!

Nice to see you all when we were at Grandpas b-day.

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

I love the bedding in the first picture the best. I also love your black headboard...very nice!

Sandra said...

Love the bedding and I think that yellow is just beautiful :)

I'm new to your blog :) Are you in Idaho? We are a military family and just moved to the base in Arizona, we had been stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho for almost 10 years. LOVE Idaho :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!