Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scenes from my morning run

Here is the Lucky girl who counts on me to get out and run. She would prefer a daily run but I wouldn't.

The rest of these pictures show my "town loop" run. It is 2 miles and takes me through the center of town, down main street, past the police station, library, 3 banks, a theatre, the arts council and other interesting buildings.

I have been running this loop for over 2 years. I still cannot believe I can run this far. Maybe I am in better shape than I was as a younger person because running 2 miles in high school was laughable for me.

My yoga teacher and good friend (who by the way has run 3 marathons) coached me when I was just starting out and told me to "GO SLOW". Such good advice. Once I slowed down I found it doable. I still would not say I love running but I do love how I feel when I am finished.

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Sassy said...

Lucky is a cute one! You should check out mammakats blog on my links. She is having a pet photo contest....should be fun!

Brian said...

Great shots from around the city... Gosh, I miss that place sometimes!