Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a cornucopia of thanks

I love the tradition of a cornucopia at Thanksgiving. I was first introduced to them as a child either at my Grandma's house or my Mom's. Such a cool way to show our bounty.

Ours is filled with a mix of squash, fruit and nuts and is the centerpiece on our dining room table.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are headed to my Mom and Dad's house for the day and night. I am bringing pies and that is all---I am spoiled by my Mom----she does all the rest of the cooking!

Thanks Mom!
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Sassy said...

I love cornacopias, I have not found one yet that I like. Everytime I find one it's cheap and falls over when you put food in it. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Patsy's Middle of No Where said...

very nice blog - I tapped into it from the Daisy Cottage. I love your craftsman style home! Classic. Check mine out sometime at
Thanks, patsy